Friday, January 3, 2014

Series of small watercolors 1

Here i want to represent to you my first series of small watercolors. Its trully fun to play and experiment with watercolors. All painting in this collection was painted at the same time, kind of more challenge for my self an fun.

 "Mirage of city"
 Watercolors  on paper. 

 This first painting represent dreamy mirage of city that we may sometimes capture in our mind in some kind of stage of mood

  "Tree at sunset"
 Watercolors  on paper.

 I am absolutely adore sunsets and magic that they bring in themselves! 

 Watercolors  on paper.

 Summer early morning are amazing just imagining you stand somewhere and can actually feel how slowly nature wake up from long and cold summer night...

 "Rainy morning"
 Watercolors  on paper.

 Autumn time also bring lots of amazing moment in to our life like rainy mornings when you can actually smell of leaves and wonderful of forest everywhere and that calm feeling slowly take over you when you walk in nature!

 "Edge of the forest at sunset"
 Watercolors  on paper.

 More inspirational moment in nature. what can be more amazing than actually be there and feel all that summer beauty!

 "Winter mood"
 Watercolors  on paper.

 Winter darkness bring its own magical moment as only we can see with open eyes and feel the colors of nature

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