Monday, October 31, 2011

"Halloween tea"

Photomanipulation from my old creations.2011

I didn’t even realize this at first place when I was creating this work, only after when this work was ready and I started to search for good name I realize that this red dark work fit perfectly with Halloween, so there is the name Halloween tea!
Or like my one friend suggest this is: Tea of the Hell's Kitchen... hahahah!

This was Featured in absolutely fantastic collection on SHADOWNESS! Happenings in theArt World #11
And got a Daily Inspiration Feature!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My monochrome creations


This picture is from few years back.. it was amazing day and so strange! Find this place I got such a hypnotic feeling like I am in some kind fairy tale! Everything looks so stable and still there is a sense of motions!  Everything looks so mysterious and peaceful! Silence reigns everywhere and only what can hear is own heart beat!

"Coffee time"

This is was taken a few years ago..Place is a “Lapland hut/ kota” And the coffee was prepared like true wilderness coffee in Lapland!  If my translate right this kind coffee called "Soot Coffee Pot / Nokipannukahvi" its boil on the fire. The fire gives unique smoke flavor. Someone may put there different herb for more taste! That kind coffee definitely better than normal city coffee!  It was truly divine! Really miss that time what I was spend there!

"Memory from the past"

Well the name tells it all!
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