Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Oil on canvas.

Imagination about sea crossing in the past! How dangerous and at the same time in some ways romantic that adventure was! 

Sea storm slowly captured the small sailing ship in to his own power! Imagining how crew felt at this moment! When feel like whole world against you, and there is nothing you can do, only fight with weather and try to keep ship above the surface and at right direction and hope that everything will be ok!  It is a struggle between nature and humans without pity! Many of those men are real hero! Sail into the unknown it takes courage

So here I wanted to create that atmosphere to show this straggle, this adventure!   

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Storm in a dream

"Storm in a dream"
Oil pastel on paper.

Is it reality or not, but did you ever see the dreams when you sleep about storms! What they are, some kind warning from ours mind! Or it is a different reality.. we go sleep in this reality and wake up there to live the second life!?
Perhaps our really is a dream that we live, hope… And one day we wake up!  
Really like the feeling here like you are looking through a frosted glass into another world.  You can find here many characters it a really more surreal concept that tell the story then just a stormy seascape! Do you see the young woman or child face that watch on you from the depth of the sea? Or that white bird that flies in the sky and bring hope to the people who are in those boats! 

Here is one example of those details! The face that creating by the small details!


Thank you Marcela from 
Fashionadictas by Marcela 
for my first award! I am very touched and honored!

For the one lovely blog award:
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1.  Art is my life and passion!
2.  I love the rainy day!
3. Dancing in the rain : ) do you remember this song?
4. Enjoy music and tea time!
5. Create magic whit colors!
6. Chocolate my second passion!  : )
7. I am very happy to connect with my new blogger friends across the world!

                                                      My8 new discovered favorite bloggers are:

Lisa Gordon Photography
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger!
Red Reidinghood
Valzer di emozioni
Adventures of an Artist, Wife and Mom
True Colors
Nancy Goldman Art

I love you, my followers and my friends!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Magical tea time

" Magical tea time"
Having fun with my paintings, actually here are few of my paintings that I have attached to one, and digital painting on them!

Today we at last have a rainy day! So I was very exiting about that and this is inspired me to create this beauty!
At first I didn’t have any idea what I want to do but then it just hit me! And when everything was in place this piece was created! After moment of thinking and searching for name and the idea what I made, I find that this remained me of teatime! Maybe in some ways even “Alice in Wonderland”. Everything so dreamy, mysterious even crazy in some ways, a perfect teatime!
All those details, faces surrealistic characters are absolutely awesome and saying the true.. Many of them I have found after this piece was ready! So open your mind and see those entire magical creatures that will join you on magical teatime! hahah! I know , I know to mad, I am today!  Enjoy!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


                                                           "Gentleman" self portrait.
                                                               Oil on canvas.

This is a self portrait that a made many year ago! I wanted to paint myself in 1800 officer costume. I love wear like those! Imagining summer evening, fresh air blow from the sea brining some sweet scent of flowers! Thousands of candles illuminating space, everything glow of celebrations! Beautiful ladies, gentlemen, music, dances, delicious food, it is a really time full of magic and mystery feel like you are fly back in to the time!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Metamorphosis of day

                                                                                  "Metamorphosis of day"
                                                                          Oil on canvas panel.

Here i wanted to play with ordinary everyday’s objects! Bring them in to the life! Not exactly like Frankenstein but close to that! :) Every material, atoms in some ways are alive and create life! Its understandable when we speak about animals, humans et cetera.. . We are alive but what about trees or candle, bottle of Coca-Cola? There is coming more interesting to matter what I wanted to search in this painting! There is no permanent in our lives! Time fly away, everything change, reborn!  That what now is reality sometimes ago was fairy tales, I think that’s including our future in some ways! But what happening if even for a moment or day, we in some strange ways are able to see all materials are alive! Is that would change our view on life or attitude to everything!?
We ourselves build our reality, and knowing world that we accept!  But can it be something else? 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


                                                                         Oil on canvas.

Here I wanted to create something mysterious on summer motive!
It's still early day and it's not too hot and not to cool. Just perfect condition for adventure! That old ruins hold many secrets in themselves, even there is maybe somewhere hidden treasure! Or it’s just a perfect place to relax! What you think! What kind conception you have when you look at this painting!?
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