Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sweet dream

I made this work from my paintings! Mostly photomanipulation and digital painting on them!

Usually it is very hard to me to name my work. Because there is always so many points of view and create short name that hold and open to viewer’s whole story is a very hard work!  But here with this work it was a foregone conclusion how I named! “Sweet dream” tell everything, about my creation! Connection between people, timeless story of passion and tragedy of life!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dream or reality


Having fun with my old creations, actually here is 3 of my paintings that I have attached to one!

There is a wonder of Asian fairy tale and magic of ancient Egypt with some drops of beauty of fairies or maybe she is  a mysterious queen that touch your heart with here wise thoughts and beauty! Are all those fascinating stories from fairy tales, myths, that we heart in our childhood are true even in some part or just a beautiful dream?! I would like to believe that in whole those stories there is a part that in some ways are true!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dancing trees

                                                              Oil on canvas.

Have you noticed, that at the very cold winter sunny day, when you were a long time outside in freezing temperatures! You started seeing mirages; everything’s starting to seem so mysterious like in this painting! I was to long time outside and started feeling how trees started to dance! How awesome is that!?! Especially these two beautiful trees had a very gorgeous dance for me!  I was so amaze about beauty of them that, I have decided to paint them!:o)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

At the End of the Begining

                                                          Acrylic on canvas

Here i wanted to try something new for me!  I got inspiration for paint this painting from my teacher great painter Andrei Gennadiev! He have a very interesting style very different that mine, so I wanted to create here charge of mystery In symbol language! Here is a later that is the first letter in the alphabet and Omega that is the last letter in ancient Greece alphabet! So is start and finish, like our life beginning and end of it, or is it?! I've also added Egypt symbols of eternal life, godhead to create line between afterlife and mystery of idea of ​​god and beauty of this world! What all this mean? is destiny exist or have a free will to do what we want to do! At all those lines, are the other persons that across our life in some ways or maybe they are the other worlds that exist in parallel reality!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Winter evening

                                                                Oil on canvas

Cold winter evening, slowly but surely approaching darkness! Tensions float in the air and create mysterious atmosphere! The sky looks like in the fire; its vivid colors highlight the cold on the land! Somewhere out there sight a village, that is already in deep sleep only in some windows still can see light! It would be nice to be there in some of that small cottage and enjoy that kind of magical winter evening!
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