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"Every time I see one of your images, I think it's my favorite--until I see the next one!" 28.3.2014
 Kelly Coultas

 "Love your sense of color. You speak my language. I notice you use a broad brush like I was taught.  No tight control you are a master! I would love to paint beside you. Your paintings are worlds within a world. Bravo!" 4.12.2012 
JJ Firefly


"Your watercolor has inspired me to take a class next semester at the collage I've been attending for more than two years now. Beautiful work!"   24.11.2013
 T Burke   

 "Wow! Vos aquarelles sont magnifiques! Totalement génial!
Merci de partager votre cadeau! Vous êtes un artiste très talentueux et compétents!  Merci +Mikko Tyllinen"  23.11.2013

Justine OBrien  

" Hi +Mikko Tyllinen, your paintings are really, really nice. I like your artwork very much, tasteful choice of colours, nice landscapes and objects you take for painting! "  23.11.2013
Frank Rockenfeller

Mikko You make so many people happy, your mother and father must be proud of you. Your work has no boundaries, no limits, it is as if you stretch beyond all human comprehension. You are a master of diversion! 19.2.2014
 JJ Firefly

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Eila Leonoff said...

Hi Mikko, just saw your works first time, I absolutely love them! You are a master!

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