Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Colorful construction 8

Daily digital painting project 
Painted on my mobile.

Its such a fun picture with lots of point of view.. From one angle it may be a Ferris wheel with lots of glowing building all around it, creating happy atmosphere. But then again it’s also may be a casino with playing cards, roulette wheel, chips and all kind glamour.  And with more imagination you can see here perhaps the wheel of a car riding through strawberry fields singing a happy tune, as one of my friend mention that she saw that here.  Yes you can find all that here and much more only open imagination and see!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Light of life or lighthouse in the city

Daily digital painting project 
Painted on my moble.

 I think this looks as sun shining right on city, like play with hight building and show to people the way of new day. Like lighthouse guided ships that sun feel give to us opportunity to do something good with our life today in a big city, thought....

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Summer Dance

Painted on my mobile / digital tainting
for dayili digital painting project.
The cold spring that we had this year more then one inspired me to create something warm and joyful for the soul. I feel as i realy need that small imaging world to survive for the bloom time. And this small fellow well help me and hope for many other enjoy time the spring, then he dance for all us!
It was real joy to paint this. :)

Wolve of the Sea

Painted on my mobile / digital tainting
for dayili digital painting project.

So my ship is ready for say in to new adventures and now i seeking a new crew for ship! Who want sail into the sun straight into adventure!
At your service, Captain M ...Bwhahahahah!

"Don't try to run it's all set and done
There's treasure in sight
We are robbing you blind I hope you don't mind
We are taking it all tonight

Just walk away we'll count it all
Pirates will stand and the loser will fall

With a hii hii hoo and a hii hii hey
We're bound to be close to the sea
Our captain will stand on the bridge and sing
Pirates are all we can be"
- Alestorm - Wolves of the Sea~
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