Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Autumn storm on a golden field

"Autumn storm on a golden field"
Acrylics on papre 

Now after this work done some time ago all that storm energy bring to my mind one poem that so well open the feelings and meaning of all this painting...

" A flash of lightening streaks across the sky.
We huddle close beneath the trembling eaves
As thunder roars a nightmare lullaby,
And strips the trees outside of summer leaves.

The fire is warm. Its light is warmer still.
A gentle beacon holding back the dark.
Yet, in the light of day, we know we will
Deny the fearful pounding of our hearts.

The ancient wonder once again is near.
The fury of the storm awakes our past.
When gods and nature both were to be feared.
And spells of warding were by fire cast.

An autumn storm returns us to that place
When nature's glory awed the human race."

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