Friday, August 30, 2013

Moment of golden autumn

~ Moment of golden autumn ~
Acrylic on canvas 2013
painting size 50x70cm

 Spring is always so inspirational with all those colors and light then trully can feel wonder of life..
Can feel the cool air and smell the leaves and weend that breath the freshnes of the nature!

and now i well share with you  painting steps..

 As you see i like to paint on already painted  with some backgroung color canwas, its kind of bring more power to colors and made it much easier to paint..

Day one is over and left painting to dry a bit before i continue paint again. Everything is painted and created the basic atmosphere in painting.

here you can see i am add some trees in the middle and painted more the sky, give it more natural look and also painted more dark details everywhere, now i will add more bright colors to create light in painting

And here is painting ready and time to play wih my camers to capture painting and after that share with you my new daily painting

Hope you enjoyed and this was interesting article for you! 


Stephanie said...

This is beautiful! I love seeing your work in progress!

Mikko Tyllinen said...

Thank you Stephanie!

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