Saturday, August 31, 2013


~ Creek ~
 Acrylics on papre 2013

 Its early morning everything is still in sleep and see sweet dream of sunny day full of joy and life. and in the air can feel fresh breath of warm wind that softly play with leaves. The first sun rays slowly conquest everything around..


if look look more closely at this tree you can find that it looks like a huge face that looking at you with glowing eyes.. or both sides of that green face you can find few hiding creatures, who feel still in deep sleep or just pretend..


Wynona Gibson said...

The first attraction is the bold color. Then become mesmerized by the brilliantly camouflaged symbols one looks and sees displayed. Almost like making art from the clouds while lying on one's back. Your art is terrific no matter what medium you use to portray. Keep painting Mikko. We love you and your art.
Wynona Gibson

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...


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