Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Daily abstract project 2

Day two for my new art project.. daily abstract apinting. as abstract art is a bit strange to me its interesting as i do paintings also learn something new for my self and as so many notice the influence of surrealism in strongly present in those abstract works of mine! you clearly can find there diffrent characters and concept in painitngs you only need to open your mind!

~ 1/7 ~
Acrylic on canvas
painting size 15x15 cm

~ Hug ~
Acrylic on canvas
painting size 15x15 cm
 i am clearly see two person standing in a huge room and hugging...who they could be, let that stay in mystery.. :)
 ~ Evening party ~
  Acrylic on canvas
painting size 20x20 cm
There is party in the air, room fool of peolpe you dance, dring and enjoy their time..


Tsutomu Brelsford said...

I really enjoyed the the piece titled ~ Hug ~. It brought me back to a cool painting hanging on the wall of a school I used to go to. I can't paint at all but I love the shadow and array of colors that you use. Is it layered or do you just use techniques to make it look that way?

Mikko Tyllinen said...

Thank you Tsutomu Brelsford. well its just come to like this.. i try paint when acrylics are still wet, by putin new layer on the othere to create picture that looks good to my eye and in prosec the title come to me as i am startig to see the concept.. :)

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