Thursday, September 18, 2014

Evening road into the city

"Evening road into the city"
watercolors on paper 2014

 It's late autumn even. sun slowly running away and darkness with cold air starting breathe more deeper and deeper, igniting the sky in fiery colors. Everywhere so peaceful and quiet that you can hear your breathing when you walk in that muddy road into the city..

Detail of painting

The longer you walk in this cold weather the more you starting to see all around you.. all kind creatures and faces starting to just on you from landscape and your imagination goes wild.. like that huge half green half blue face that looking at you from this detail.. or that bird that disappeared in to glow of sky fiery colors.
with open eyes you can find much more..

"Evening road into the city"
 Photomanipulation of my paintig on mobile. 2014

 it's always interesting to connect different mediums of technology. to see and play with beautiful and real feel light effect of mobile textures on traditional watercolor painting. :)

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