Monday, February 3, 2014

Dances after dark

"Dances after dark"
 Acrylic on canvas 2013

 i was started this painting like abstract painting but at some moment i start to see all kind different figures in beautiful dresses feel like all just dance in some huge hall with all that lyrical lights and music..
and everytime i look atthis work for some reason this amazing song come to my mind.. all that fairy tale atmospehre!

 "Dancing bears
Painted wings
Things i almost remember
And a song someone sings
Once upon a December
Someone holds me safe and warm
Horses dance through a silver storm
Figures dancing gracefully
Across my memory"
-Anastasia - Once Upon A December

1 comment:

Netty said...

wow, terrific dynamics in your painting, love it. Annette x

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