Monday, October 28, 2013

Blue star

~ Blue star ~
Photomanipulation of my  paintig on mobile.

 "Gather Close and hear the song that comes for every Nation
From Long ago and far away, comes a New Vibration
To Help create a miracle ,It comes to every Land
To Help create this miracle, Yes  the time is close at hand

There was a time when all was Dark ,A Time before Creation
And in the darkness came a sound, A chord of Liberation
Spinning faster to the ground, feel the colours ringing
Chinese crackers Catherine wheels The New Day is beginning......"
poem by  Shonie Hutter

 This is such amazing and interesting poem wrote by my friend Shonie. I Could not find better words to open emotional charge in this painting! they fill each other perfectly and create completely new level to viewing on things..

big thanks to Shonie for finding connection between this two pieces and letting me use her poem here!


Elvi said...

Gran risultato

Rochelle Cathey said...

Very pretty painting and I love the shared poetry thank you ;-)

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