Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Pink Rose"

Photo from my new project "winter magic"

 ~A little warmer than the glass, but the evil frost
I walked into the doors, like in the garden of July flowers
I want to warm them with warm, but the pink roses

Pink roses, Pink roses, the thorns are defenseless
what did with them made the snow and frost, ice blue windows
People decorate with you, own holiday only a few days
And leave you to die on a white, cold window"

Poem base on song: "Laskovyj Maj - Bielyje Rozy/Tender May - White Roses"
That was one of the best song of 80`s in USSR


❀~ Simo ♥~ said...

una dolce e bella magia...spettacolare!!!! ciao

Mikko Tyllinen said...

Grazie mille Simo!! ciao

orvokki said...

Heips Mikko,
Onpa kaunis vastakkaisasettelu.

Katselin sinun maalauksiasi, käytät ihanasti värejä ja liikettä.

dandelion67 said...

A beautiful Rose..
My compliments on the picture greeting
for the new year..
Best wishes..

Jane said...

How poetic and romantic Mikko. Beauiful shot! xx

Joan said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for adding a little beauty to my Sunday morning. =)

Manisha said...

Beautiful Rose!!I loved the poem too!!

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