Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunny day

Oil pastel on paper.
It was an ordinary winter morning. I had a break from study, back then I was still studying in high school. There was nothing to do so I went to the library and read some books. I was sitting near window and began to examine one thick tome. After some time I glanced out the window, there was beginning a great sunny but very cold winter morning! But I've flown at the same time attention at the bloom that stands on the windowsill! That looked as though bathed in sunlight! Somehow I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere, and I decided to draw a sketch of this flower.
Time went quickly, and eventually I got home from school day.
Picture of this morning moment in the library was revolved all the time in my mind, so I took out the paper and pastels and began to create this work. The end result is you in front of your eyes!

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